Sungrown Organics

People don’t know where their produce comes from anymore. Mass-produced this; processed-that. What happened to real food grown by real people?

Here we are: Sun Grown Organic Distributors. Our speciality? Growing cutting-edge micro greens, distinctive sprouts and luxuriant wheat grass for over 20 years.

Why have we been around for so long? We begin with a balanced, scientific foundation and infuse brash creativity to bring you the most modern microgreens and the safest sprouts and wheatgrass. Sound business practices, renowned growing techniques; the natural blend of ingenuity and ability.

Learn for yourself. Sun Grown. How may we serve you?

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Sun Grown cultivates six categories of quality produce: microgreens, microherbs, sprouts, micro mixes, specialty greens and shoots, and edible blossoms. We have dedicated ourselves to providing you with the absolute in freshness. We do not offer online ordering at this time, please call us at 800-995-7776 to place an order.