About Us

organic sproutsSince 1984 Sun Grown has been a leader in growing and delivering the freshest, best tasting Microgreens, Sprouts, and Wheatgrass right to you.

Microgreens and Microherbs

Our Micros are grown year round. We offer a large variety of single item Micros and Micro Mixes. Our most popular is Rainbow; a colorful array of the day’s Micros. Our newest offering is Mélange; a bright and aromatic combo of Microherbs. We also custom mix to suit your needs.

Sun Grown Organic Distributors, Inc produces safe sprouts

Safety is our number one priority. Our facility is 3rd party audited annually by the American Food Safety Institute (AFSI) for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices. We are HACCP certified. Management regularly attends food safety seminars and is active in food safety and professional trade groups. Our employees are trained on a monthly basis in a variety of food safety and HACCP standards and procedures.

Buyer’s confidence in Sun Grown Organic Distributors, Inc

Sun Grown Organic Distributors, Inc has grown sprouted products for over 20 years. Quality and safety are the cornerstones of our company. As experienced and committed growers, we pride ourselves on the continued confidence that our customers experience.

Sprouts still inexpensive, potent food

Scientists are confirming what we have known for years: sprouts are the most important concentrated source of disease-preventative nutrients know to man. Small servings of sprouts (1-2 ounces) deliver 20-50 times more nutrition than much larger servings (pounds) of the adult plants. They are a superfood!

Certified Organic

Sun Grown is certified organic by the OneCert and the USDA. Please ask for our updated certified organic items.


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